Things To Do In Georgia.

The state of Georgia has a lot to offer as it has so many attractions that visitors are unlikely to ever run out of things to see and do. This is why it is a good idea to research and come up with a list of things of things you would like to do so that you can enjoy what Georgia has to offer.

Things you can do in Georgia
Fishing in Georgia is like surfing is to Hawaii or California. Georgia has excellent fishing opportunities for catching crappie, bass, and catfish. Trout anglers will quickly find attraction here with thousands of miles of ice cold trout streams. These streams run their courses from high up in the north Ga. Mountains all the way down into the major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta.

Georgia has hundreds and hundreds of pristine campgrounds. The campgrounds run from a basic primitive site in the middle of the woods to a campground offering electricity, water, fire pits, grilling equipment, picnic tables and some even have cable hookups meant for people who love camping but don’t want to miss their favorite late night TV shows.

Georgia has camping facilities with breathtaking views such as high mountains, lakeside views, and campsites right on large cascading mountain trout streams.

Visiting small towns
The small towns scattered around the state of Georgia are also major attractions. Most of these towns were built and established over one hundred years ago and most work to keep their original architecture and historical significance intact.

These small towns are reminiscent of Georgia’s history and you can enjoy packing up and taking nice weekend road trips to these various small towns and learn about the historical significances as well as shopping, enjoying the scenery and trying excellent dining experiences offered by the small ma and pop family restaurants.

There are several hiking opportunities offered by Georgia. The state is home to thousands of excellent hiking trails ranging from day hikes to week long hikes and for extreme hikers, a large portion of the famous Appalachian Trail which runs right through the State of Georgia.

Georgia is known for its themed style restaurant experience. There are some restaurants such as the Smith House in Dahlonega Ga., that are about food and the other part of the small town’s history in gold mining. Dining in Georgia is a very enjoyable experience as Georgians have made dining an attraction.